Monday, July 2, 2007


It is a commonly held belief that the reason that many baseball records based on longevity are safe is that players make so much money compared to the early days of baseball, when many of these records were set, that they have little incentive to hang around long enough to break the record.

I'm pretty sure this would make baseball players the first group of people in recorded history to be disincented by the prospect of making massively more money.


die Amerikanerin said...

Right, so I totally had no idea Cy Young was that good. No wonder they named an award after him. I mean, WTF, mate?

John Lynch said...

Cy was great, but he wasn't that much better than all the other dudes on the list. He pitched from 1890 - 1911. He was able to pitch in over 50 games a year, starting 45 of them. Guys today get to start 32-33 games a year if they are perfectly healthy. It was just a totally different era.

die Amerikanerin said...

Ah, ja. I should have known it would be something like that.