Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A tip of the cap

I rag on Peter Abraham a lot, because I use his blog for instantaneous Yankee news, but his analysis often drives me crazy. Therefore, I sort of feel obligated to point out when he writes something with which I wholeheartedly agree.

For all fellow Yankee fans out there, Pete's message is spot on: re-f***ing-lax. The worst thing that can happen to the Yankees, now that Andy Pettite is back, is that they replay last year with the same offense (albeit one year older) and a pitching staff fortified with real pitching prospects instead of the stopgaps that they had to use last year. Panic is not in order, even if the Sox do get Santana.


rklllama said...

Yeah, I liked the article. More reasons for Yankees fans not to panic:

1) Josh Beckett will suck this year.

2) Mike Lowell will suck this year.

3) Josh Beckett will suck this year.

Oh, and we have the A-Bomb too.

die Amerikanerin said...

A-bomb? Is this Pettite?

John Lynch said...

"He swings and hits a long drive to center field. That ball is high! It is far! It is... GONE! Alex Rodriguez has hit a three-run, game tying home run into the black in center field. An AAAAAAAAA-Bomb from AAAAAAAAA-Rod! Alexander the Great! And the game is tied 6-6."

Jack Lynch said...

He makes a great point. And I really do like our Catholic brother in Fr. Frank's parish, Brian Cashman. He's no fool and I love his cool.