Friday, February 27, 2009

Tim Raines: Master Thief

Poaching from Tom Tango again:
Tim Raines, in high-leverage situations, has reached 1B or 2B 755 times (1B+2B+BB+HB+ROE), and has 260 SB, 49 CS.  That’s 0.34 successful SB per opportunity.

Tim Raines, in low-leverage situations, has reached 1B or 2B 1312 times, and has 134 SB and 15 CS.  That’s .10 SB per opp.

Do you see that?  He stole a base 10% of the time in low-leverage situations, but 34% of the time in high-leverage situations.

So, to all those BBWAA writers who said that he didn’t steal enough… yeah, he didn’t pad his SB totals when the game situation didn’t matter. 
Would you like player who successfully steals a base 34% of the time when it really matters? while only making an out 6% of the time? Yes?

Why is this man not in the Hall of Fame?

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