Friday, August 14, 2009

The final word on New Yankee Stadium?

It does not appear that the ball carries well at New Yankee Stadium. In fact, it appears that it carries poorly. Nonetheless, it is very easy to hit a home run there. This implies that the fences are shorter than suspected. Details here (highly recommended).

I will note that this does not address how well the ball carried at the old stadium. It's possible, though I suspect not likely, that the ball carried very, very poorly at the old stadium so that the new stadium, while not absolutely high on the carry scale, still rates highly relative to the old stadium.

My bet is that the dimensions are slightly wrong. That seems to be where all the evidence is pointing.


Lisa said...

Since I'm getting ready to teach a physical science class this fall, the question of what does or does not help the ball to carry well in the stadium is intriguing. Do you have any physics analysis of the stadium that might give some explanation?

John Lynch said...

The posted link resides at Alan Nathan's Physics of Baseball website (link). There's a lot of information there.