Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let the games begin!

Which is to say, now that the Yanks are in the postseason, let's all start dissecting Alex Rodriguez like he was a stale frog in high school biology! Fangraphs' R. J. Anderson gets the party started with this fun piece. I can just smell the formaldehyde!

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rklllama said...

I'm almost excited he's been meh this season (for A-Rod) so he can rock the postseason. I'm guessing people will say he's more of a team player now and it is paying off in the postseason or something. Maybe they'll go so far as to say that his team picked him up so much at the start of the season it made him that new, team player less dependent on stats (but of course the postseason stats are what is earning him the praise) and that that feeling has only built up throughout the season as there has been a super amount of chemistry in the Yankees dugout this season (I wonder why?), unlike the last few years.

Or he could choke again.