Monday, November 2, 2009

Quick World Series Thoughts

  • A-Rod now holds the New York Yankees' RsBI record for a single postseason. No joke.
  • How can you give Cliff Lee the Player of the Game award for his Game 5 start? He pitched decently, but he only won because his team scored eight runs. I mean, WTF does Chase Utley have to do?
  • Speaking of Chase, at this point there's a decent chance that he could win the World Series MVP award without the Phillies winning the series. The Yanks are in an odd position where no one has really stood out. A-Rod has had big hits, but is still only hitting around .200. Damon's been great offensively, but a liability defensively (not that I expect the voters to care about that part). CC's pitched decently, but would probably need a good to great Game 7 to win it. It's a really funny situation.
  • From The Department Of Things That Mainstream Analysts Will Ignore While Lauding Derek Jeter, I couldn't help but notice that Cap'n Clutch hit into a devastating double play with two on and no one out trailing by three runs in the ninth inning today. It's just baseball, folks. There's nothing special about clutch situations in the postseason.
  • The Phillies forcing a Game 6 is good for baseball. You really can't keep having the World Series decided in five games or less year in and year out.
  • Is this the year that people will realize that home runs and doubles (as opposed to bunts and stolen bases) are what wins baseball games in October? I suspect not.


D.Cous. said...

I'm sorry to have missed last night's game. From the summaries, it looks like Damon had a great night, and Utley had an even better one. Not such a good outing for Burnett, though. Did the Phillies leave Lee in too long?

rklllama said...

You might say he was left in too long, but with the Phillies 'pen it is hard to do. It's understandable they'd be reluctant to go there.

John Lynch said...

They definitely left him in too long. First, no matter how bad the Phillies pen is, it isn't "three runs without recording an out" bad. Furthermore (and more importantly), starting pitchers as a species are not very good the third and fourth times through an order. It's really, really tough for a start to still be the best option at that point.

Naturally, Lee was Fox's Player of the Game. WTF?

Lisa said...

I learn something every single freaking time I watch baseball. Now I'm learning even when I'm not watching. John, it never occurred to me that a non-winning team player could be MVP for the World Series.