Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yankees I loved to watch

For no reason and in no particular order, here is a list of Yankees that I've loved to watch play:*
  • Derek Jeter: I could watch him shoot the ball to right field all day.
  • Robby Cano: When he's right, he makes everything look so easy.
  • Gary "Ultimate Team Player" Sheffield: An ass, but probably the scariest looking swing I've ever seen.
  • Nick Swisher: If he and Brett Gardner were rookie space marines, Nick would be the naive, amped-up show-off who can't wait to get into the action and kick some alien ass; Brett would be the taciturn, duty-first jarhead. One of them would get eaten by a giant space bug on their first mission and the other would spend the rest of the film learning to deal with the tragedy. Also, Jeter would be the veteran field commander with the stern demeanor who actually deeply cares about his men. Yes, I have thought too much about this.
  • Alex Rodriguez: I've spent so much time defending the guy that I enjoy his every success.
  • Mariano Rivera: Death.
  • Mike Mussina: So under-appreciated. Wish we could have got you that ring.
  • Ted Lilly: One of those guys I just liked for no apparent reason.
  • Joba: We'll always have 2007.
  • Phil Hughes: Keeping my fingers crossed for the future.
  • Edwar Ramirez: Does he win the worst pitcher with the best pitch competition? If he had two more miles per hour on his fastball, he'd have been unhittable.
  • Bobby Abreu: Never seen a guy work the count full from 0-2 so much. If I had a list of Yankees I hated to watch play, he'd make that list too for his fielding.
  • El Duque: There was something just so magically old school about his pitching.
* NB: Not the same as a list of favorite Yankees.

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