Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fire John Sterling?

I'm sorry for channeling FJM here, but Sterling just made a point of emphasizing how well the White Sox did in using "ABC" ball to manufacturer a run. To be clear, the sequence was single, runner advances to second on wild pitch, runner advance to third on ground out to second, runner scores on ground out to shortstop, strikeout.

Congratulations, White Sox. You are now down 4-1.

>>>> UPDATE <<<<

And the White Sox lose the game 5-1 on a Chien Ming Wang 5 hit, 1 walk, complete game. Good thing they can play ABC baseball though.

When you are down four runs, you do not need one run. You need five runs, or you lose.


E. W. Lynch said...

Way to go Ozzie! It's always nice to see the go go White Sox making the best out of being a running team!

D.Cous. said...

...but did you see how scrappy they are? I'm tellin' ya, those boys are grinders in the clutch.

John Lynch said...

The Yankees had (I believe) a one out triple in the following inning. I was rooting for them to score exactly that one run, just to drive the point home, but alas, they stranded him.