Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's cool to just hand New England teams championships before playing a single game, right?

It is? Cool. Just checking. See, everyone seems to be handing the Red Sox the 2008 World Series before spring training really gets under way. Normally, I would be opposed to this, but I guess it's safe to assume that teams from New England will seal the deal, especially this Red Sox team.

I mean this is the same teams that outscored the New York Yankees by -101 runs last year. That's a lot by which to outscore the next best team in the league! Plus, last year, the Yanks had three exciting young pitchers to eat up some of the innings that will now have to go to AAAA scrubs. They're gonna allow way more runs this year.

It's even more of a slam dunk when you figure that the Sox creamed the Yanks by winning eight of the eighteen head-to-head contests with their main rivals. That's impressive. Furthermore, they got stronger as the year went on, adding -12.5 games to their lead over New York from May 29th until the end of the year.

And as if they needed anymore help, the Sox will have a healthy Curt Schilling right from the start in 2008.

Yup, the Sox are obviously the best team in baseball this year. Who could even possibly think to hope of maybe dreaming to someday pretend to almost imagine to challenge the glimmer of the shadow of the Platonic form of the little toe of these Boston Red Sox?


D.Cous. said...

So cutting through the massive wedge of fromage sarcastique you've just dished up here with the sharpest of metaphorical cheese knives, you're saying that the BoSox will NOT grab another WS this year, because the Yanks are going to be great.

I'm not sure that follows, dude.

Certainly I can understand your heartfelt desire that your team win the WS instead of their principle rivals doing so, but surely you could respond to silly "The sox are gonna totally win the World Series this year" chatter with something better than "No way dude, the YANKS are totally gonna win."

I could be missing the point, but this hardly seems to stack up to your usual level of analysis - and that's cool...

John Lynch said...

I'm not claiming the Yanks are going to win it all. I'm merely pointing out that the widespread idea that there's a large gap between the teams is just totally untrue.

D.Cous. said...

I apologize. I wasn't aware of said gap. I kind of figured that both teams have somewhat high expectations to face, considering that one is the New York Yankees, and the other ended last season by losing the ALCS in a climactic Game 7 against the Indians. Man, what a game that was! Am I right?

rklllama said...

That was a fantastic game. I'm glad the Indians were able to beat the Sox for us. However I am very disappointed my brother's recent comments... the Yankees are going to win it all!!1 Garunteed. Your read that right. Garunteed.

Booya baby, baseball is back indeed.