Monday, February 11, 2008

Writers, please be consistent

As the Roger Clemens steroid saga gets stranger and stranger, I have one simple request for all sports writers out there: please be consistent.

Already, we are seeing rumblings about how Clemens' vigorous defense is embarrassing and makes him look bad. This from the same people who believe that not vigorously defending yourself is proof that you are guilty.

Look, you can't go around telling athletes that they must sue their accusers if they are innocent and then condemn them for doing just that. A little consistency is all I ask.

Note: The stories linked her came from Buster Olney's ESPN blog. Every day, Buster provides a near exhaustive laundry list of stories from the print media, along with some of his own observations. It's a great resource, but you have to pay for it. Today, he shares a wonderful story about his encounter with Deion Sanders when Deion was in the minors and Buster was a young reporter. For Buster, sharing this story is a rite of spring. It's another indication that for us, like Carl Crawford, spring training is almost here! If you have an ESPN Insider subscription, it's well worth the read.

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